Farm to Table Meals

organic and local ingredients...

3rd Rock Eats Meats & Treats offers delicious restaurant quality farm-to-table meals for our clients to eat at home.

Our ingredients are primarily organic and local when possible. Our meats are raised ethically in Ontario without the use of hormones or steroids.

We offer pick-up in our store most days by appointment. We offer home delivery on Tuesday mornings between 6-9am.

How to order with us:

  1. Decide how many meals each week you want.
  2. Place an order for that number of meals.
  3. Fill out our full food preferences questionnaire  HERE .
  4. On Monday, put a cooler outside so we can place your meals in it on Tuesday morning. If you don't have a place to place a cooler and need to meet us, please make arrangements with us in the notes section, email, or calling us at 289-489-7741.
  5. Retrieve your meals on Tuesday morning.
  6. Give us feedback if there is something you don't like so we can do better. IF you love it, please tell everyone you know!